Ushirikiano: Building a Sustainable Future in Kenya's Northern Rangelands
(teNeues Publishing Group, 2011)
Ushirikiano: Building a Sustainable Future in Kenya's Northern Rangelands
The Prix Pictet Commission is an invitation for one of the photographers short-listed for the Prix Pictet to document a sustainability project in a particular country or region.

For the third Commission, Chris Jordan took photographs on a fieldtrip to the Nakuprat-Gotu Conservancy in Northern Kenya, an initiative led by tribal Elders, which aims to bring peace and prosperity to a region ravaged by violence and climate change. Jordan’s photographs both document the problems - particularly the poaching of elephants - and celebrate the heroes and triumphs of what he calls a “quiet revolution” aimed at building a sustainable future for this community.

Published by teNeues.

96 pages + 1 gatefold
54 color illustrations
size: 9 x 11 in.
ISBN: 978-3-8327-9617-4

Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait
(Prestel Publishing, 2009)
Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait
Startling digital photographs paint a disturbing yet strangely seductive picture of American life today.

Statistics can be daunting and dry: 100,000,000 trees cut down every year; 9,000,000 American children without health insurance; 2,000,000 plastic bottles used every five minutes; 2,300,000 adults incarcerated in U.S. prisons. Renowned photographer Chris Jordan brings these staggering numbers to life in manipulated digital photographs that are at once alluring and shocking. A landscape of toothpicks, each representing a felled tree, stretches into the horizon; a looping maze of plastic cups reveal how many are used each day on airplane flights; fashioned from soda cans, a replica of a Seurat masterpiece becomes a lesson in waste; and thousands of Barbie dolls - representing the number of breast augmentations performed each year - combine to depict a woman’s torso. Filled with astonishing photographs of surprising beauty, this book, manufactured from recycled materials, helps us grasp visually the potential consequences of our culture of waste.

Published by Washington State University and Prestel, Germany, to accompany a traveling exhibition curated by Chris Bruce of the Washington State University Art Gallery. With essays by Chris Bruce, Lucy Lippard, and Paul Hawken.

112 pages
60 color illustrations
10-micron stochastic printing
size: 260 x 300 mm.
ISBN 978-3-7913-4283-2

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IN KATRINA'S WAKE, Portraits of Loss from An Unnatural Disaster (Princeton Architectural Press, 2006)
In Katrina's Wake: Portraits of loss from an Unnatural Disaster
Chris's book of this work is titled "In Katrina's Wake, Portraits of Loss from an Unnatural Disaster," self-published by Chris and distributed by Princeton Architectural Press in New York. This book features Chris's photographs along with essays by writers Bill McKibben and Susan Zakin, and poetry by Victoria Sloan Jordan. Publication was supported by a generous grant from the Lannan Foundation in Santa Fe. This book is now sold out, and 100% of Chris's proceeds were donated to Gulf Coast hurricane relief charities.

112 pages
55 color illustrations
10-micron stochastic printing
Hardcover with dust jacket
size: 10.5 x 12 inches
ISBN 978-1-56898-605-0

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(Jordan's) photograhy graphically reflects how remnants can recall the essence of a place. -- Tuscon Citizen, Nov. 2 2006

In Katrina's Wake, Jordan's series of 50 photographs layer the horror of ruin with the uncanny beauty of nature, even in its most savage incarnation. -- Revista Adelante, Nov. 2006

His empathy for the people affected by the disaster is matched by an awareness of its possible cause. -- Santa Fe New Mexican, Nov. 3, 2006

Jordan's poetic images are accompanied by clarion essays by environmental writers Bill McKibben and Susan Zakin, making this an execeptionally artistic and thought-provoking response to a never-to-be-forgotten calamity. -- Booklist, Sept. 15, 2006

Rather than photograph people (of New Orleans), Jordan let their possessions evoke their misfortune...the power of Jordan's images will make itself felt. -- Republic, Dec. 10, 2006

Saturated in color and focused in content, these pictures humanize the storm's massive tragedy, lending individual stories a sense of poignancy and scale. -- American Photo, Feb./Mar. 2007

Unlike most post-Katrina photography, Jordan's has no people in it. Instead, it evokes the eerie calm of an Antonioni film... -- Los Angeles Times, August 27, 2006

We witness the devastation in lavish detail, and the poetic fascination is eclipsed by alarm... the evidence accumulates, and the effect is inevitably political. -- T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Fall 2006

Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption
(self-published, 2005)
Chris Jordan
This self-published gallery catalog was released in 2005, in connection with exhibitions at the Paul Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, and the Yossi Milo Gallery in New York. This catalog is sold out.

48 pages
18 color illustrations, including 1 triple foldout
10-micron stochastic printing
size: 9x11"

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